I finally got around to trying on some pieces I bought from RunoRuno. To be honest, I’d only found the little shop when I was on the Red Packet Hunt but I’m glad I did. There are some real little gems here, including these three dresses. The linen ones come in black and nude and are really quite edgy though I think you may not want to be flashing nipple. As for me, I rather enjoy it 😉

At the weekend, The Plastik gave us a Lionheart skin for 50L Friday. I rarely find skins that absolutely suit my shape and am slowly giving in to changing shape to work the skin. However, this one does and, even if I cant wear it in real life, the red make up really works. I’m getting into a bad habit with Ugly Duck’s gatcha machines and picked up skin 30, a little bare faced cutie.

Skin: Ugly Duck: Skin 30 (Gatcha)
Hair: LeLutka: Ashley
Dress: RunoRuno: UNDress Dinner Black
Boots: Treads: KBoots

Skin: The Plastik: Lionheart
Hair: LeLutka: O’Hara
Dress: RunoRuno: UNDress Cocktail Black

Skin: Curio: Elf
Hair: LeLutka: Jean
Dress: RunoRuno: Hyperkinetic Dress Black


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