put the kettle on

I’m English, I love a cup of tea and this weekend Themeory’s theme is Tea Time. I’ve been bouncing around in Exodi’s beautiful dress all day and discovered the joys of I Love Olive and have possibly bought nearly all her hair. I picked up Tiny Bird’s sweet dress for 50L Friday and digging out a pair of flats I KNEW I had (Shiny Things), and with Lamb’s Breeze in Powder for Stumblebum, this darling outfit needed nothing more than a teacup hat from Soap, again for Themeory. I think I’ve now almost been shopping for a total of 24 hours but the events this week have really given us some stuffs to enjoy! Now all we need is a bit of warm sunshine in the UK and we can fake tan up, bare our legs and spend afternoons at garden parties.. bring it on.

Skin: Atomic: Grace
Hair: I Love Olive: Agnes
Dress: Exodi: Teatime
Shoes: Shiny Things: Saturday Flat
Mouth: Medley: Lemon Teabag
Pose: DFO: its like an emotional heimlich

Skin: Atomic: Grace
Hair: Lamb: Breeze for Stumblebum
Dress: Tiny Bird: St. Augustine for 50L Friday
Hat: Soap: Cherry Tea Hat for Themeory
Shoes: Shiny Things: Saturday Flats
Pose: {with love & squalor}: break in case of anything


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