guess who’s coming to dinner

Pretty much the end of my massive hunting trip and this time I was off to the ZombiePopcorn Hunt. The hunt ends on 30th August and I promise is worth your time even though there are still those boxes to clear up, oh yeah…all..those..boxes.

Skin: Djinn & Tonic: Mua, Pale (for ZPH)
Tattoo: LoveZombie: Y Stitch Tattoo (for ZPH)
Hair: Exile: Maggie (for ZPH)
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stelle (for ZPH)
Top half: Acid&Mala: Black & Red Dress (part of a set for ZPH)
Bottom half: Glam Affair: Delia underpants (part of a set)
Skirt: &Bean: I Kill Her!: primthing (no longer available)
Boots: The Abyss: F Boots, The Catalyst (Red)
Pose: Del May: DIYVoodoo #1 (for ZPH)


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