your lips felts soft on my skin

This beautiful, beautiful Emily skin is a complete surprise to me and is courtesy of Apple May Designs. If memory serves, AMD has been around since my original rez date of 2007 (correct me if I’m wrong) and I’m sure I had some outfits in my inventory back then. As a bonus, I found these boots at Okey Designs and they’re freebies, both for men and women! I’m sorry if they’re not as clear as I’d like them to be, you can blame my poor photography.

Skin: Apple May Designs: Emily, Peach
Lipstick: Apple May Designs: Emily lipsticks, Ruby
Hair: Lamb: Sleepyhead
Hair decoration: &bean: Prodigal Summer (I think no longer available – please, please make more Keiko!)
Top: fd: Lacy Lady top
Pants: So Many Styles: Nordic Tights
Boots: Okey Designs: Harley Boots (freebies)
Pose: dfo: Any Guy with Feathered Hair is Foxy


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