sail away, sweet sister

If you havent had enough warning… its my birthday!!!!! Of course, its also the second day of The Seasons Hunt and I’ve been up since the wee hours, nursing my head and jumping over the grid to pick up all the goodies. Ok, yes, I’ve been TP’ing, crashing, logging back, TP’ing crashing… but I am a dedicated blogger and have persevered. Today, I rock 😀

Skin: -tb-: Jejune, Prissy
Makeup: duboo: duboo.achoo, blush tattoo (for the Season’s Hunt)
Hair: elikatira: Frost (for The Seasons Hunt)
Wrap: &bean: A Big Deal Stole (part only – from outfit for The Seasons Hunt)
Sweater: -tb-: Melancholy Top (for The Seasons Hunt)
Jeans: Doppelganger: Frost Jeans (for The Seasons Hunt)
Boots: Fir & MNA: Wellies (for The Seasons Hunt)
pose: LAP

Please be aware of the inaccuracies in colour due to my picture being dabbled with.


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