i promise, i can be good if i try

Perhaps I should wear this beautiful set from Boom all day… just in case.

Skin: Atomic: Grace, Cherry Blossom
Hair: Maitreya: Taryn
Underwear: *Boom*: I Promise
Poses: Del May, Dont Freak Out


8 thoughts on “i promise, i can be good if i try

  1. Beautiful Photos, Brianne ^^

    And, Spotter, you are an @SSh8le!. There are many of us who are well aware of Brianne’s work and know she has no need to copy. Obviously, it’s the other way around. Get your facts straight, before you go around making false accusations!

  2. OMGah! I just saw that other blog! I can’t believe they blatantly copied your pics! It is clearly obvious that they are yours, since their pictures do not meet your standards and it’s your shape! Whose blog is that? I didn’t see a name attached to it.There appears to be a few other pics copied from other blogs as well 😦

  3. I managed to get an email but it’s fake. I’m pretty sure its about banner selling (there might be a proper phrase for it). The idea is just to get visitors to your site so they see the adverts – this one has used ‘fashion’ as its pull and somehow stumbled across us. The good thing is that it shouldnt take away from the genuine visitors here and at other people’s blogs but you get a sinking feeling for sure!

    Thank you and hugs and kisses 🙂 x <3<3<3

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