i’ve been stolen

Yep. It would be nice to think its because I write such a fantastic blog that the person behind Stich n Style (shit name btw) couldnt resist stealing not only mine but a whole lot of other SL blogs and feeding them – that’s after they’ve ripped out any reference to our own blogs people. So..anyone reading this on Stich n Style should know – none of these posts are original and all belong to someone else. Please report this site for content theft. It may only be one post… will have to watch that space I suppose.

Please refer to Brianne’s B*llsh*t for mine. You should be able to find the others through Shopaholic Feed

For the person behind the site.. I quote copyright and DMCA… Take down your shitty little blog feed, capice? Certainly, unlink me.

To anyone who cares to know, your IP is your IP and has automatic copyright (at least in the UK, you dont need to register it). Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do next? (errr, nice ideas). Perhaps its not worth doing much more?

Thank you for listening.


2 thoughts on “i’ve been stolen

  1. I just read from your blog, and a friend’s flickr and I think this is annoying. I didn’t expect to see myself on there but I was there too :/

    all kinds of low, in my opinion.
    It’s not that hard to ask!

  2. I agree Ashe… I think they do it because they want people to hit their banners..:/ they dont care or think about stealing our work and hard to do anything about it. Thanks for your comment though, its nice to know people can see what’s happening and maybe something will change … maybe 🙂

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