sometimes, i know exactly what i want

Get over to Dutch Touch, now.. beautiful, beautiful skins for 250L that cant be missed. I bought two, wanna bet on how long it takes me to go back? TokiD has moved, btw, and if you visit now you can pick up two pairs of these ballerinas for 75L the pack. Flipping bargain!

Skin: Dutch Touch: SjOrS, Lucious (Dutch Touch Clearance Sale)
Eyelashes: Atomic: Liner, Wings
Hair: booN: PUN448
Top, Under: Emery: Body Lycra Jeane (for TDR)
Top, Over: boho: Vintage Bow Leotard, Swan (part of a dress)
Skirt: SMS: Chiffon Lacy Skirt, Lila
Tights: Le Poppycock: Lace Stockings, Deux (gatcha prize)
Shoes: Tokidoki: le ballerina opaque, dark (2 sets for 75L)


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