introducing mesh

Well. I downloaded the beta SL viewer and I downloaded Kirstens (no difference to me on either btw). These, so far, are the only two viewers that I know of that show mesh. If you dont know what mesh is I cant help you, sorry, I’m a dunce but, these pants by Jane are made in mesh and kind of move with you, kinda stretchy, bendy – ok, yes I am a dunce! Anyways, I wanted to give you the update. For me, on my lower end ATI graphics card, I lost shadows and I cant have my old-style viewer that Phoenix gives me. That meant I spent an age navigating the viewer to do what I wanted. Personally, I’m not going to give up what I have for mesh and can only hope that updates will add in mesh+shadows+old-style. You never know your luck.

Skin: (fd): Morning Sun (FLF)
Hair: elikatira: Changes
Cardigan: villena: Feel like home sweater (without collar)
Top: Le Poppycock: Camisole, Divine philosophy (new)
Necklace: +*AA*+= Layered flower necklace
Pants: Jane: wide leg pant. zooey (mesh)
Shoes: Fir & MNA: Wavie Shoes (old FLF)
Poses: Glitterati


3 thoughts on “introducing mesh

  1. try Astra viewer! I’ve had shadows for a year with Kirstens and none of the new mesh viewers rendered shadows for me. I have an old ATI card as well and Astra runs great with shadows. It’s pretty basic and theres no windlight settings that I can find, but it will run shadows with mesh. Good Luck 😀

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